Ehrazsho ai Vectore

Authentication Gateway

Undeniable authentication

Authentication with a dedicated inquiry switch

Under the supervision of public, private and judicial service operators (ITSAAZ)



The largest OPEN-API switch in the country



Banking services and electronic payment network infrastructure


Banking services and electronic payment network infrastructure



Provider of e-government and judiciary services




Ability to authenticate with 15 different levels


A revolution in intelligence

Banks, organizations, companies

With Ehrazsho inquiry switch

Special services for online exchanges and digital currency providers

There are dozens of online exchanges and digital currency service providers in the country, but the lack of standard, reliable and undeniable authentication services that are approved by the regulatory and judicial bodies is one of the most important challenges for these platforms and their customers. .

Special services for platforms and social networks

As the need to provide services on social platforms and networks increases, the authentication infrastructure will be very important.

Special services of organizations and executive bodies of the country

After years and with the proof of the ability to achieve certification under the supervision of the IT operator, in providing services with international standards and within the framework of the rules of government agencies and organizations and executive bodies
We now provide services to more than a dozen organizations as needed.

B2bank special platform for banks

Project of providing bank account opening and issuing electronic promissory notes with the name (without you bank) by the authentication portal

Online Ai

Ehrazsho , as an artificial intelligence research center, intends to provide the latest services and technologies of the world to our dear users in the Islamic Republic of Iran by providing an ai application, therefore we can provide all the services required We need to implement your needs in this application, so please give us your suggestions in this direction.

Ehrazsho With more than 600
public, private and judicial services

Ehrazsho, considering all software and hardware security, plans the development of your business according to your needs and grows you to improve your business system ...

Comprehensive authentication platform

Integration of all services with electronic authentication in a single platform just by receiving a web service from Ehrazsho

Powerful and unrivaled

Combining the scientific and experimental capabilities of 27 knowledge-based and creative companies active in the ecosystem of artificial intelligence services and the Internet of Things (I.O.T)

24-hour support

Maintenance and stability of all services by technical support 7 days a week and 24 hours

Notebook Vectore

Using the latest generation of artificial intelligence

Applying the latest scientific achievements of the network of new technologies and knowledge-based in the field of services required by your customers

Needs assessment

Various packages, and different facilities, according to the needs of different companies, organizations and businesses

Intelligence in accordance with the organization's budget

Providing services based on the budget allocated to organizations, organs and companies in the private sector for intelligence

Create a smart tomorrow

On-line authentication portal for governmental and non-governmental services and the judiciary

To get started, all you have to do is call the support department to get advice and get all the available documentation about your business.

It is possible to test in the demo section (DEMO) for all users and you can test and check the services before signing the contract.

Support staff is at your service every day from 8:30 to 17:00 by calling 02144213144 to answer you.

The answer to your question is yes!


We have special solutions for all businesses in the field of user authentication, for consultation, you can contact us through the contact form or through the contact number 02144213144.

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