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Authentication gateway

One of the main needs of cyberspace users in the world is to have a secure and reliable platform to prove their existence, credibility based on the technology of new technology.
In this regard, there is a legitimate demand from users and businesses, and we are still witnessing the creation of many cases in the courts of the world due to the violation of the rights of the client and the service provider, and our country is no exception to this challenge.

A lot of scientific and expert research was done in our country,
That the creation of national platforms at great expense by the government and the failure to use the power of knowledge-based companies and technology and the private sector is doomed to failure and until the ecosystem and economic activity is formed, the government’s action is nothing more than a show.

However, with the development of new technologies, it became possible for us, as a user or service provider, to enjoy a single technology-based platform in order to access services and provide services to each other.

Now and after a long time, studying the technical and legal needs and applying the scientific capabilities and experiences of knowledge-based and creative companies in technological ecosystems, as well as the support of organizations and executive bodies of the country,
Combine all the elements required by the researcher and create products beyond international standards with the name of online authentication port (authentication).

In these years, the impossibility of simultaneous authentication and matching (real and legal) and types of digital signatures based on users’ requests, for authentication, positioning and financial validation and background and dozens of other cases to the clients, the challenge Provided many.

On the other hand, the lack of a secure, practical, and sustainable platform that met all the needs of governmental and non-governmental organizations and service platforms, and activists in the field of digital economy and monopolies in e-government, posed many challenges.

The online authentication portal was established with the cooperation of 27 knowledge-based and creative companies and various organizations, so that the country’s technology ecosystem will witness a new chapter in facilitating the development of various businesses.


Powerful and unrivaled

Combining the scientific and experimental capabilities of 27 knowledge-based and creative companies active in the ecosystem of artificial intelligence services and the Internet of Things (I.O.T)

Reliable authentication

Ahrazsho, with the support and supervision of the IT operator, provides a reliable service in the courts and government organizations.

Undeniable authentication

Authenticated people are authenticated through the authentication portal, they can not deny their identity in the courts.

Strong infrastructure

Applying the latest scientific achievements of the network of new technologies and knowledge-based in the field of services required by your customers

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